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Meet the Team - Elin Sombeck

Meet the Team - Elin Sombeck

Meet Elin Sombeck, our Purchaser! Elin is responsible for all our purchases, stock-monitoring and delivery monitoring for suppliers and deliveries. She’s also involved in panning new collections together with the design team.

She describes that working at ICANIWILL there is always room for progress and development for both yourself and your team. You never know what´s next and she says that’s the charm with a company in such a growth phase. When asked what the best part about her job is, she answers “The best thing about working at ICIW is that everyone is so driven. Everyone gives so much passion and energy to the company and the reward is an awesome family-feeling.”



What have you done today at work?

Today I have been planning orders for 2021 for our new collections that are coming up next year. I’ve also spent a lot of time this week following up on our stock after last weeks black week.


What’s your top 3?

Hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, prosecco with nice food, and our little mini daschund puppy that we will get in January 2021 (he of course already qualifies on my top 3)


Favorite piece from ICANIWILL?

Nimble tights, definitely my favorites. If you don´t own them, get a pair asap.


Who at the office would you bring to a deserted island any why?

I think I would bring Marianne that works with our finance. She is always very calm and has great solutions to all the issues I bring her. Feels like she would have good structure for survival skills on a desert island, haha.


Cardio or lifting?



What do we not know about you?

I am very obsessed with lip products, and always have a lip oil with me wherever I go.  

Products mentioned

Nimble Tights Faded Violet Wmn
Nimble Tights Faded Violet Wmn
29£ (65£)
Nimble Tights Elm Green
Nimble Tights Elm Green

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