Sustainability and environment
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Sustainability and environment

Sustainability and environment
Since the start of ICIW’s clothing production in 2015, environment and CSR has been an important issue in our choice of factories and production line, and today we work with a number of carefully chosen producers around the world. We work with some factories directly and other producers are selected through firmly controlled agents. Our goal is to visit all producers once a year.

We’ve strategically chosen to produce a lot of our clothes in the EU for a number of reasons.

1) The physical distance makes it easier to control work environment, salaries etc
2) The environmental impact given the transport is a lot lower
3) Fabrics and material are also chosen from producers within the EU to lower environmental impact

Beyond our own demands, we’ve chosen to work with producers with bigger clients (Swedish and international) and therefore being several clients to set requirements. We are also working on our own CSR policy, a long and extensive but important process.

Recycled materials
Research show many benefits with recycled materials but there are also many clear disadvantages. Because of that fact we’ve chosen to wait with the use of recycled materials until we can find a solution that’s climate positive in some form. Today we’re working on a certified collection with hopes to launch during 2020. Stay tuned.

Many of our factories are well maintained and the worker’s conditions like salaries, hours etc are according to the laws of each country. See the video below for a little insight into the production line.

Are you in the right place?

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